Sunday, November 30, 2008


The boys had some good snowboarding today. It was almost a whiteout, medium wind, but snowing when we went up. However the Sunday after Thanksgiving was fairly deserted. We didn't wait more than 1 or 2 chairs for any lift and so we went around and around.

The snow was better and there was one more run open today. It was a little chilly, but overall a good day for skiing. Lots of fresh snow and we had fun sliding around.

We stuck together, with Delaney's board going slow on some of the flat parts and Kyle doing pretty well on his board. We found a jump near the Endeavor lift, so we stopped there a bunch of times to let Delaney jump. I put together a little video below.

We went for 90 minutes, then got some lunch and then went back out. On our 3rd or 4th run, Kyle wanted to go all the way down and back up, so we started, but on the bottom shoot, I was following Delaney and he caught an edge and bounced off the snow. As I got next to him, I could hear him screaming, and so I stopped. Apparently when he bounced, his elbow was in his side and his hand hit the ground, driving his elbow into his side and bruising him a bit. He calmed down and Kyle caught up and we got to the bottom.

After that he was done, and Kyle had gotten hit by a skier's pole, so we headed in and called Tia for our pickup ride home.

A good weekend skiing, disappointing because Tia couldn't ski, but fun for the rest of us. This is turning out to be a good Thanksgiving tradition.

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