Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Delaney is getting close to the end of Cub Scouts. We had our meeting tonight for Nov and they worked on some of the Boy Scout stuff and then did some leatherworking for the Craftsman badge.

It's neat to see him getting near the end. I remember this with Kyle, when we had worked on so many things and we were trying to get his shadow box done. For Delaney I'm not sure what we'll do, but it's exciting to have him getting ready to move on to Boy Scouts. I remember when I did it as a kid and I had great memories of Cub Scouts. Good ones of Boy Scouts as well, but it wasn't "cool" and I dropped out, something I regret a bit.

We're close to 4 more badges, need to help push him a bit to finish them up and get him on a good path for his Arrow of Light and Akela awards later in life.

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