Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Right to be Stupid

I ran to the gas station today for a soda at lunch and was listening to the sports talk station on the way there and back. They two men on the radio were talking about the Texas football player that was booted off the team after he posted a racial slur on Facebook.

There was a lot of discussion and it was interesting. One of the guys is black (on the radio), one white, and it was interesting to hear them talk about it. The black guy, Alfred Williams, used to play for the Broncos and was on the team when Bill Romonowski had a racial incident with another player. Alfred said Romo apologized, and he was surprised by it, but he never had dinner with him again. And still hasn't.

As they talked about whether the kid should have been kicked off the team, I wondered, and hoped that the argument against him being kicked off was for the sake of argument and it wasn't serious. Especially coming from a white guy.

The last thing I heard before I turned off the radio was the white guy asking about this football player's rights and his "right to be stupid."

Racism still exists in the country, and always will. You have the right to be racist, but you also have to deal with the consequences.

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