Sunday, November 16, 2008

Qwest Field

Delaney put up with me for a couple quarters. I went late, we left early, and I got to enjoy part of a game in Qwest field in Seattle. The Cardinals were clicking pretty well, the Seahawks weren't. Just some bad luck as well, they fumble a couple times, the Cards fumble and recover again, not much of a game. Most people had left by the end of the game, we left in the 4th early.

It was amazing that they Seahawks get to the 3, they have 2 chances, a pick on 3rd down, then running out the Cardinals fumble, so the Seakhawks get it 1st and 10 at the 11. They manage to get to the 2 on 3 more tries and go for it. Why not? 2-5, might as well. They get the first down and then finally score. 8 tries from the 3 for them to score.

Earlier we went to the Museum of Flight again and had a good time, seeing the first Air Force One and the Concorde. I was amazed how base bones the Concorde was, not much luxury at all. The original Air Force One, a 707 from the late 50s, was OK, definitely old and small. They have a 747 there, but you can't go in. With that being such a distinctive plane, I'm surprised.

Still it was fun, got some pictures, need to download them. We'll see if I get time later.

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