Monday, November 10, 2008

Saves the Night

I was watching some football, feeling slightly under the weather last night about 6:30-7 when the power went out. Actually it went out, came on for a few seconds, went off, on, off, then came on for a few seconds as I walked downstairs. I could hear Kendall upset and Tia comforting her in the kitchen as I made my way by. The generator was turned off as a small propane leak was in the fitting, so I had to go down and turn it on.

I'm glad that I had looked at it a few times so I knew how to do it in the dark. I turned on the gas and got it going, bringing light to the house. With the whole neighborhood dark, it's nice to have power. Things came back on an hour or so later, which Tia noticed since she was working downstairs. I had all the kids up in my room watching TV.

A good investment, I think that generator has really helped.

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