Friday, November 7, 2008


I was double checking a few of the things for my trip to Seattle last week and couldn't find my hotel reservation. Actually I found one, but I was supposed to have two. Delaney and I go on the 14th and I was looking for a low cost hotel for the weekend and then when he leaves Monday, I have reservations for a hotel next to the convention center.

I thought I had booked one, but checking through a variety of emails couldn't locate one and I had no idea who I'd used. I thought it was a Days Inn or Holiday Inn, but I couldn't find anything. After talking to Tia and thinking they wouldn't charge me, I went searching again on Expedia. I found one downtown, right near the Space Needle, which is near our Underground Tour and The Pacific Science Center, so I booked that.

Looking forward to traveling up there with my boy. Lots of stuff to do that weekend.

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