Friday, November 28, 2008

Half Day

We woke up late today, had a slow start to the morning then packed up everything in our condo. Actually not everything, I forgot my pillow, which I had to go get tonight.

Once the trucked was packed up. Tia drove us all to Winter Park and we unloaded. She was then going to hang out while we skiied. After renting stuff and picking up our 4-packs, we finally made it to the slopes. Kyle was still learning to board, so we started on the magic carpet, giving Kyle a chance to get used to boarding. Kendall wanted to try the pull bar, so I went up with her on that. She almost made it, but fell and then was upset she didn't get to the top. It's a long or great run, and I didn't understand, but she wanted to go to the top.

So she went again and Delaney came up, saying Kyle felt good. So while Kendall was in line, Delaney wanted to try it. I should have coached him on how to get up there, but I didn't and he tried to face forward while getting pulled up on the bar. It didn't work and he fell after 30 or 40 feet. He was a little upset, but I pointed up the slope, which wasn't steep or long, so he was OK.

The four of us rode the lift up and it went well. Everyone got on and off without an issue. We started down, and the slope was pretty flat, so it was good for Kyle, but not great for Kendall. We split up about halfway down and little K and I shot to the bottom, which was a bit steep and icy near the bottom. Then we went up and down again a couple times before Kyle called and said they were hungry. So we went down and met them and had lunch.

Afterwards, Kendall was a bit upset because it was snowing and she didn't want to ski in the snow, or at least that was her current excuse. We convinced her to start and all four went up again. Then we went to the lift halfway up and Kendall wanted to ride up with Kyle (it was a 3 person lift), so Delaney and I rode down. Then we did it again and Kendall wanted Delaney, so I let them go for 2 runs together while Kyle and I went down a few times.

For someone not that experienced, Kyle did pretty good. He had some trouble turning, but doing down on one side, he did pretty good not falling too much. A couple more days and he should be doing pretty good.

Kendall was getting a little upset, so she and I went down a few times fast, which she likes. Tomorrow I'm hoping she'll go up the long life to the south with me that goes to the top of hte mountain. I don't think she fell at all , but was happy to remind me I fell 5 times. 2 were on jumps, which I got a little air on, and 2 were just silly ones while watching the kids. The other was when I tried to take a picture of Kendall was we were sliding. I was looking at the camera, trying to get it set while boarding and caught an edge, falling pretty hard on my left side. I got a good bruise on my hip and hit my head.

A good day, and great weather, no wind, not too cold, hoping for more tomorrow.

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