Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Frantic

Trying to get things done for my trip to Seattle. Delaney and I leave in the morning and I have a lot to get done. I compiled my stuff for Scouts and turned it over to someone else. I feel bad that I couldn't get to the store, but there's too much editing to do.

I cleaned up a couple articles and got them loaded, more to do if I can. Podcasts are all shot, but more editing to do. I'm good through Tuesday, though I need to edit the one for Monday's DBW newsletter. For now I'm editing things and I'll leave the rendering until later, so I can be a bit more efficient.

Packing to do, need to get another 4 pass for Keystone for our Feb trip, move a bunch of stuff to the laptop, get itineraries ready, it's a busy day. Plus I need to pack for Delaney and I.

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