Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Day

It's going to be interesting. Everyone is excited, mostly because they think Obama will win. Delaney tried last night to convince me not to vote Libertarian, using Tia's argument that my vote is wasted and he wants Obama to win. It's where the Mommy influence comes through strong, though I reminded him that most of the military is Republican, so something for him to think about.

I also had to remind him John McCain is a great American, and a Patriot. Even if you don't agree with him in terms of his choices or how he votes, he cares about htis country and has served it for a long time.

The kids are getting ready and we're going to vote before school. My philosophy, Libertarian, which is GOP without the right wing crap and church influence, for President. Other than that, vote everyone out of office.

I read through the Colorado ballot initiatives last night and I found myself more conservatively voting for them. Less government, less amendments, more legislature battles on issues.

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