Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the Mat

I went tonight with Kalen Delaney and Gail Shaw to Puget Sound Akikai and had an aikido workout, something I haven't done in 15 years. They're both shodan (black belt) and SQL Server colleagues, and I think they had a good time tossing me around the mat.

It was interesting, much different than the karate workouts. Etiquette is to be silent unless necessary, and I broke that a bit, questioning the people I worked with to be sure I was soing something in a semi-competent fashion. Still it was good and exciting for me to do an aikido work out after many years off. I remember know how smooth it can seem and how hard it can be to do the workout.

I enjoy karate, especially with Delaney, but I do look forward to us both getting black belts and then moving on to aikido.

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