Sunday, November 30, 2008


Everyone else is, not me. Actually it's the little kids, Kyle wants to go boarding again. I think he's getting better at it and it's becoming more fun. I was tempted to leave everyone, but that wouldn't be fair, especially as I can come back any week I want.

We've convinced Delaney to go, so it will be a boys boarding day with Kendall hanging out with her DS and Mom. She said "I heart Mom", so she wants to stay here. I think she's a bit tired, sleeping in quite a bit this morning, plus the runs are short and the bottom is icy, maybe a little scary for her.

Last night was a calm night, me getting a tiny nap, and then everyone going out to dinner where I had a great cheddar beer soup. I was tempted to get another cup for desert, but I resisted, having ribs that already got me my allowance of bad food for the day.

We finished the night with more Apples to Apples, the game that Delaney really likes, but it wasn't as rousing as it was Thursday. I think everyone was a bit too tired; I know I was, ready to fall asleep on the floor.

It's been a good vacation, and I'm glad we got up here, though I'm definitely looking to get home and back into my routine.

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