Saturday, November 1, 2008

Skiing in October

I've never done that and I'm amazed that we could. A couple ski resorts opened a couple weeks ago and I've been watching the snow at one. At Arapahoe Basin the snow has been slowly building, but they still had only a few blue runs open. The kids were nervous, but when I talked with a neighbor yesterday, their older son was up at Loveland this week. So we checked it out and with a couple green runs, the kids decided to check it out.

We've never skiied there, and it was nice to get us up there with no stops, no need to get any rentals, all three of us having our stuff in the Prius. We got up on the chairlift, which was a good experience and all of us got off pretty well. Delaney fell the first time, but he got up and we ended up going slowly down. Both kids were nervous and went slow, but ended up having fun. We went up a few more times and every time they built up more confidence and went down smoother. Kendall and I even raced at the bottom each time to see who was faster. I was giving her longer and longer head starts, but still catching her until the last time, when I gave her 6 seconds, was closing, but I think she would have beaten me. However I wrecked nicely, feeling the board slip and I tucked and then slid for a good 50-60' while Kendall crossed the line of flags and raised her arms.

We got tired, too a few breaks, everyone with new boots had sore feet, I had a hard fall at one point, not paying attention, and hitting the ground hard. A slightly sore neck today. We leaft around 3, headed back, having a great day. It was about 50F, no wind, sunny, the snow wasn't great, but not horrible.

A good start to the season.

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