Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Way to Work and Live Life

I saw a video on this page about using the Kinect in video conference calls, which I like, especially for those calls where you need to talk about actual objects. As industries outside of software make more use of video calls to talk about things, this makes sense.

However that’s not what caught my eye. The About text of the venture capitalist was what I really liked:


That’s the way I think we should be thinking more about life. Our world outside of work is more important. It might not be more of our time, but it’s more important, and we recognize the value of living a life outside of work.

Or maybe doing the work that meshes better with your life.

We’re trying to do that at the ranch with Tia and are making plans to get her more into horses at some point. We know life is short, and we have to keep that in mind as we move through each day. We need to work, we have commitments, we need a purpose in a career, but it should be in balance with our families, our hobbies, and the things we love in life.

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