Monday, June 20, 2011

Book #24 - Fragments

41A8XI12LyL._SX105_A battle on a resort planet has the characters split up. While the rebuilt Framework characters expand, we see the difficulties of having a reborn Ayan and Jacob, we also have trouble with the Triton and the various groups that live aboard. Some want to leave, and take their chances against the Order of Eden.

The book splits it’s time, letting us see Eve being reborn into a body, the Order of Eve, and Hampton manipulating the world towards some end. Apparently he has some knowledge from the Infinity Machine, reading into the future, but wants more, which was the reason for the attack on the resort planet. He also has another Framework of Wheeler that he unleashes on the Triton.

This book sets up for an amazing book 7, though I wonder if the author will really be able to pull the storylines together. It seems there is so much unresolved, and so many different characters to bring together that I worry there wont’ be a great ending.

The pace slows in this book, with more conflict and interaction between the characters.  Fragments, more than the other books, needs you to read the previous ones to understand what is happening.

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