Saturday, June 11, 2011

New Bed

Last night was a lazy night, no one really sure what to do, so we knocked out an errand that we've been needing to do. We went to get Delaney a new bed. With the move to set up a spare room, and a guest coming next weekend, we decided to get a spare bed. However we've never bought the little kids furniture. Kyle got a bunk bed set that's since been handed down to both kids, and they each have one bunk now. Kendall said she wanted the bunks back, so we decided to get Delaney a new bed.

American Furniture Warehouse, our first stop for furniture was on the list last night and we wandered around, looking at difference beds and mattresses. Delaney was a bit obsessed with memory foam, so I think advertising is alive and well in the US. We tried a lot, and ended up deciding to get him a regular mattress with foam on it, and then a frame bed. He doesn't care much about the headboard, with none of the captain's beds interesting him, so we decided to save a little $$ and ended up grabbing a full size mattress and frame as well for the spare room.

It won't be here until Tues, so Delaney will miss out on the new bed for two weeks, but we'll get Kendall her bunks and have a spare room set up nicely for our guest next weekend.

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