Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Book #19 - Storm Prey

I read an actual book. I physical book for this one. I grabbed Storm Prey while on vacation, knowing that I’d have to kill my Kindle for the take off/landing of the plane on the way back home. I have loved the Lucas Davenport series, and after this one, I’m reminded of how exciting and well written they are. It makes me want to re-read more of them.

In this one Lucas is getting older, but he’s still the rough, tough, difficult cop we know from the past. Weather is the focus of this one, catching a glimpse of a robbers one morning in a hospital. She’s in early for a co-joined twin separation and the robbers have knocked over the pharmacy and kicked one of the workers too hard. She almost collides with them and sees the passenger.

As expected, things go out of control. The robbers panic a bit, and the two brothers involved decide to kill two of the other robbers to protect themselves. They bring in a kid, another killer to remove them, and then the witness as well. When the guy fails to kill Weather on the road, and she almost kills him, the book speeds up. We have Lucas starting to shake the bushes and investigate, while also protecting Weather. The relationships between the robbers deteriorate and no one knows the whole story.

Except the reader. Throughout the book, Sandford keeps us informed. We see Lucas and his crew, Weather’s life in the hospital, and the various interactions of the criminals. We know what’s going on, and you sometimes want to scream at the characters for their decisions and actions. But it’s exciting, and the pace builds until the end where we get a nice wrap up after everyone is dead. The last few pages actually had my smiling.

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