Monday, June 20, 2011

Book #23- Medical Error

41mTDkuMr8L._SX105_Another free, or low cost book that caught my eye, so I grabbed Medical Error before a vacation.
The book reminds me of Robin Cook, with a doctor having a patient die, apparently after an allergic reaction that shouldn’t have occurred. They checked records, and found a note, but the patient was a victim of identity theft, and the thief was the one that was treated.
The doctor begins investigating, in a somewhat bumbling manner that makes the book believable. However the doctor also is a victim of identity theft, and must deal with her own financial issues at the same time. She begins to suspect they are related, which is where the book falls down a little. A few too many coincidences, and too much crossover between the doctor and patient that make the book seem a little forced.
It was a good vacation read, but not a great storyline.

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