Thursday, June 23, 2011

Book #25 - Jackpot

51E3cacGqPL._SX105_I enjoyed James Swain’s Valentine series, and was thrilled to see this one. Jackpot continues the story, with one member of a gang left that Valentine swore to track down.

In this one it feels like a quicker ride, almost like Swain was in a hurry. I don’t think it had the intrigue that the others had. It felt like you could predict some of the story whereas I was mystified most of the other books. In this one the swindle is interesting, and there are actually two, as a few characters bumble along each trying to win their own jackpot, but bumping into the others.

Valentine is chasing one of the crooks down, a person that escaped him years ago, and is supposed to be dead, but isn’t.

I would recommend reading the others first as this one seems to have more references and dependencies on them than the other books.

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