Friday, June 24, 2011

All Coming Together

It’s nice when something works as expected.

Tia and I rented a pop-up for next week when we go camping. Our plan was to tow it with the Suburban and use her truck to tow the horse trailer. If all goes well, we are talking about just getting a pop-up for the 2-3 trips a year we will make.

I got the rental agreement from the company last week and it called for a round 7 pin connector and 350lb tongue weight. The Suburban had those things, but we weren’t sure they worked since we’ve never towed with it.

Today was the day I headed down to the trailer store to get things checked. I had visions of us needing to drop it off tomorrow and pray it would be done by Thursday. I walked in, the guy said he could check it, walked out with me and hooked up his tester. We ran through lights, brakes, and signals and everything was fine.

Almost amazing that everything was working and there’s no repairs needed.

Now we just need to plan a menu, do some shopping, and get things packed.

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