Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book #16 - The Fall of Hyperion

The next book in the Hyperion series picking up where Hyperion left off. The pilgrims are nearly to the Time Tombs, and in the Fall of Hyperion, we get the chance to have the story conclude.

The story is different here. Rather than the stories of each pilgrim, this book alternates between the adventures of the various pilgrims once they arrive at the Time Tombs, and begin to confront the Shrike in different ways. It also includes a look at another cybrid of Keats, this one in contact with the senior leadership of the Hegemony, reporting back on the pilgrims progress, which he dreams.

It’s not as fascinating as the first book, and in places the story feels a little forced, but Simmons does an amazing job of pacing this book, building suspense, switching perspectives at good times, and increasing the excitement as you get to the end. I may not love the way the story unfolds, but they way it’s told is excellent. If you enjoyed Hyperion, I think you’ll like this one.

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