Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Chaotic Weekend

Actually it ought to be nice for Kendall and me, but overall, it’s chaotic at the ranch.

First, I take Tia to the airport tonight. She flies to Dallas for work for a couple days and we didn’t want to leave a car there if we don’t need to. Why?

Well I am going to Pensacola tomorrow morning with Kendall and while my company would pay for the car, we’d have two cars there and that’s a problem. So I’ll swing by and pick up Kyle on my way to the airport, where he’ll take the car back to the ranch once we’re on our journey.

Why? Delaney will be here, and while he’s probably OK, we don’t want to leave him alone for that long, and he has his Scout Order of the Arrow meeting tomorrow night. Kyle agreed to stay here with Delaney and take him to his meeting.

Friday Tia comes back and Kyle will pick her up from the airport and will get dropped off back as his apartment to work all weekend. Tia and Delaney get to have their own weekend fun and they’ll come pick up Kendall and me on Monday night when we get back.

Seems a little crazy, but that’s our world.

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