Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book #15 - Full Share

I read Quarter Share and Half Share earlier this year and have been hoping to get Full Share as soon as it was out. I checked the other day, saw it, and bought it while laying in bed over the weekend.

The story changes a bit here. Where the first two books went slowly, moving almost through each day of Ismael Wang’s life, this one skips a bit. His studies continue and Wang manages to earn his full rating in all four areas that an enlisted ship member can. He does so well that he gets prodded to consider the Port Newmar academy, where he can become an officer.

Trading continues, but the first real test for Wang comes when he’s informed that a new engineer is being placed on the ship at the next port. It’s a more experienced person, so he’s without a spot and could get left at the port. People ask him to bump someone else that’s lower rated, but he refuses, unwilling to push his problems onto someone else.

A crisis gives him the chance to shine, digging into the mystery of an EMP that caused the ship to lower power, and almost crash. He manages a temporary position as a systems mate on the bridge, moving out of engineering and up in the world. As we expect, he continues to show good judgment, works hard, and succeeds. His temporary assignment ends at the end, but with his acceptance into the academy, it’s moot.

This book goes through time quicker, with more thoughts in Ismael’s head, and with the expectation that we understand how this world works. There are less details on trading and the deals, and more on character development, including the chance to meet more of Pip’s family in this one.

An enjoyable book, and once again, I’m hoping the next book comes out soon.

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