Monday, June 6, 2011

Last day in Pensacola

We were talking about the zoo, so I got up early and did a nice long run, pushing 2.5 mi. Not long for many people, but long for me, someone that typically is in the 1.75-2.0mi range. I’m averaging almost 2 for the year, and I’m trying to keep it up.

Kendall slept in, waking up after I got back and saying that she wanted to just relax and not hit the zoo. I think we’re both tired from the weekend and mildly sunburned, and a quiet morning at the hotel is fine with me. Lay around, swim a bit, and then pack up and head out this afternoon sounds like a good plan.

It’s been a fun vacation, and I mentioned bringing the whole family next year. Kendall said that would be OK, but she really was glad it was just us on this trip, and we had some good daddy daughter time. It’s neat to see her enjoying these trips, and I think these are some of the best gifts we can give out kids. Getting them alone with us to enjoy some time away from the family in a new location. I’ve had a few trips to different places with kids, but need to plan more in the future.

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