Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Book #14 - Half Share

I realized that I hadn’t added this one, so here it is. I loved Quarter Share so much that I bought Half Share as soon as I was done. When I finished this one, I was disappointed there wasn’t another one ready.

The story continues in Half Share as the crew of the Lois McKendrick sails the Deep Dark. Ismael moves  up in this one, going to the engineering world of sludge where the air and water are managed for the ship. His studies continue as he gets his first ranking in all four disciplines and starts on the second ranking.

He also grows up as a man and the story gets more adult. He begins to come into his own, driving the women of the ship a little crazy with his dress and manned as he gains self confidence after a visit to an exclusive tailor. It’s a boost that manages to also land him a short time with an officer from another ship at one of their port stops.

The cooperative gets going, and many people in the ship join in, bringing in more credits from their private trading than they get in salary from the voyages. Ismael and Pip even manage to begin trading some ship’s stores that reduce the cost of the food for the voyage and get better fare for the crew.

Mr. Wang grows, and the story is a great blend of a young man starting to gain some confidence, coming into his own, but not in every way. He’s still nervous and worried in some situations, unsure of how to act, but his instincts take over and he does well. A great continuation of the saga and I look forward to the next one.

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