Monday, September 20, 2010

Tired and Sore

After a busy weekend, and a lot of chores yesterday. I slept poorly, but I’m awake now and don’t quite feel like going back to sleep. I spent all Sat running around, doing kid stuff, and then fell asleep with Tia earlier than we planned. Good thing we didn’t try to see a movie. Likely we’d have missed most of it since she was tired as well.

Yesterday we were up early, Tia with horse ladies coming over, and me looking to get some chores done. I had planned on hitting Home Depot early and getting some wood and supplies for shelves and fencing. I forgot my list, but I had an idea of what to do. However I was in the middle of loading up wood when my brother called. I chatted with him and my nephews as I loaded, and didn’t quite get enough wood for all my projects, but I got enough to keep my busy all day.

I added some cedar fencing when I saw it was on sale, and then loaded up $200 of wood and headed home. I was hoping for a new battery for my drills, but couldn’t find any. That’s an excuse to go back down there :).

I got home and only unloaded a little of the 2x4 wood I’d gotten. Before I left, I had to move about 10 sheets of 4x8 OSB from the barn where it’s been sitting over to the house. Tia has been patient with it, but wanted it moved, and since I was going to use a few sheets, I moved it. That stuff is heavy, and moving it, even slowly, wears you out.

Once back, I lined up some 2x4s and marker them, getting them ready for 2x2 cross bracing and screwed things together. Slowly. Working on the ground is tough, and it was 90+F yesterday, so I was drinking lots of water and slowly putting things together. I cleaned out one section of the garage, near the back door, and then put shelves there. Once I started loading things back up on shelves, I was amazed how much space we had.

I got two sets of shelves up, and the garage looked much better. I then started to go look at fencing by one of the share shelters. My plan was to screw in 3 cross braces, and a bunch of pickets, but since the cordless drill battery doesn’t hold a long charge, I thought to go check the sizing with one cross brace first. I started down, but carrying a level, a drill, a water bottle, and a 8’ piece of wood was a lot. Since it was 2:00 and hot, I headed down with just the wood and found out it wouldn’t fit. The poles at 10’ apart, so I decided to stop.

I took a short break after that for an hour, trying to rest up and then headed out to work on some outdoor fencing. I was going to do it with Tia, but she was busy with horses, I was tired, and it was getting late. I didn’t want to be trying to fence at 7pm, so I went out, screwed in some holders to the posts, and then started stringing the electrical ribbon along the fence. I had a 660’ roll and it got about where I thought it would get. 1/3 or less of the way around.

Still it was done, and I was done. Kendall wanted to paint shelves (she’d been at her aunt’s all day), so I had a beer while she painted one of the low shelves in the garage.

Then it was time to lie down as I was beat.

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