Friday, September 3, 2010

Still sick, but better

Kendall’s home again today. She was still sick last night, and a fever late yesterday, so I hadn’t planned on getting her to school today. I actually decided at night not to even check on her, and let her sleep in, so I turned off my alarm.

However I didn’t tell Kendall since it was 2:00am. She crawled into bed with us sometime, and then got up around 7:30, going to find Tia. She asked if she needed to go to school, and Tia told her she could stay home. However she wanted to know what to do then since she wanted to watch TV in our bed, and snuggle under the covers, but I was still asleep.

Tia told her to just turn on the TV.

It worked. I got up around 8 and headed to work, leaving Kendall to enjoy a relaxing morning as best she could with a cold. I did help her make oatmeal with fresh and dried bananas and dried blueberries, so I’m not completely useless.

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