Sunday, September 5, 2010

Drinks at the bar

Last night everyone was gone. Kyle’s still at college, the little ones went to their Aunt’s, and Tia had a dinner with a few horse ladies. I was invited, but declined, thinking that 4 women talking horses wouldn’t make for the best evening for me.

So I headed out alone, hitting Chili’s for some baby back ribs. I haven’t had those in a long time, and I saw someone eating ribs recently that looked great. Tia doesn’t like Chilis, so I took the opportunity to go alone and sit at the bar.

I used to do that when I was younger, sometimes enjoying a quiet lunch or dinner at the bar, watching a ball game. Last night I saw the second half of the TCU/Oregon St game with a Herradura and Grapefruit juice along with my ribs. The Shiner Bock sauce was awesome, with that vinegary spicy flavor.

Tia wasn’t done by the time I’d finished. We’d talked about a movie, but I wasn’t sure there was anything great, and timing is an issue at times, so I headed back to Main St to Vines, a wine bar that sits on the corner and where we’ve gone before. I sat at the bar again, grabbed a flight of 3 ports to sip while waiting for Tia. She walked down when she was done with dinner and we sat there. I didn’t feel like a movie, was worn out and beat from chores, and so we sat there for some dessert and drinks.

A coupe B&Bs and some conversation with my lovely wife closed out a busy day. It was great to just relax, sit there, and talk about life a bit.

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