Thursday, September 2, 2010


The household has been fairly healthy for a long time, no real colds or sickness. Delaney was coughing a bunch earlier this week and we thought he was getting sick, but we let him sleep in a few times and he perked back up.

Today Kendall and I slept in a bit (one hour late start Thursday) and when she got up, she said she wasn't feeling good. I knew she'd been sneezing and had a runny nose last night, and had coughed a lot after she came in our room, so I dropped in for a bath, which she needed, and let her stay home. It seemed like she was getting a cold, and sure enough this afternoon she had a fever.

Hopefully this goes away quick and she gets better soon. No volleyball tonight, which is disappointing for her, but it will be good to have a quiet, relaxing night. I know I could use one. I kneeled down to help her brush her hair in the bath, and my bruised knee complained a lot. I then stood up and bent over to brush, and my lower back was upset.

I'm getting old

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