Thursday, September 30, 2010

Feeling Good

The legs are still sore, but overall feeling good. Karate wasn’t too bad last night, though I had to watch the ankle and slow down. Got thrown a few times and that always makes the legs a little sore.

Delaney is doing good as well. We went running after school, not long, just a mile and a quarter, but he jogged almost the whole way, and he didn’t complain at all. I think we’re building some good fitness in him, and I can see him putting forth a little more effort at karate.

Things must be doing well since two people besides Tia have said that I lost weight recently. I don’t feel thinner at all, but I am running regularly and keeping a busy schedule. I think the lack of baseball, not having any really quick violent movements, has me a little healthier, so I can go a little harder at running.

That and I’m trying to slowly eat a little better. Not great, but slowly make some better choices when I can.

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