Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I’m on a horse

I used to try and ride with my wife once a year. I don’t really enjoy it, but she does, and it’s time together. However I haven’t been out in a few years, for various reasons, and Tia’s left me alone. This weekend we were without kids and wandered around when Tia asked me if I’d ride with her. On the spur of the moment, since I was enjoying the day with my wife, so I said yes.

She tacked up the two mares, and we walked down the yard to get the saddles to settle. After a few minutes of sorting out dogs, and getting Kahli put away so she didn’t come with us, we got on and headed out. As we walked out the gate, Tia’s sister arrived with the kids, who were surprised to see Dad on a horse. They snapped this picture of us.


We headed out to the trail, me working on building back some skills. I had made a good effort to learn how to ride a few years ago and learned a few things. Some things came back, and it was easier to ride this time, separating my lower body from my upper body and matching my movements to the horse. Tia noticed that I was doing better, and I seemed slightly more in control. I didn’t feel out of control and handled the up and down on hills better. I think 2 years of karate have helped here.

We’ll see if I get out more, but I did enjoy the time with Tia.

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