Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Book #59 - Immoral

73968098[1] I think this book was recommended for me, after all my crime/mystery purchases, but it was discounted, looked interesting, so I picked up a copy of Immoral.

At first I found it very intriguing. A girl goes missing, supposedly from her house, and it’s eerily similar to a disappearance the previous year. As the detective digs in, looking at people in the school, we wonder what happened. When the girl’s bracelet it found in the woods, and blood in the van of her stepfather, he goes on trial.

The book leads you on, twisting and revealing just bits of information. Eventually you wonder how the story migrates to Las Vegas from the Wisconsin woods, but it does, and you might begin to suspect things. The latter part of the book is more of a wrap up, with a nice little twist from the past that we learn. It reminded me of some of the ways that Harlan Coben has ended his books. It’s good, but not a great read.

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