Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Kendall Day

First volleyball this morning where Kendall had some great serves and returned some balls. Her team had 3 close games, losing two and winning one, but playing much better together.

Then she hit a birthday party while I took Delaney to karate. I managed to get home and run before grabbing Kendall and heading out to Casa Bonita in Lakewood, the famous Mexican restaurant that has an indoor pool and a fake cliff where people dive off to entertain you. There she bridged to Junior Girl Scouts from Brownies, and then played with girls a bit before we came home.

It was after 6 when we walked in and I felt like I hadn't done much of anything. So I went outside to work on fixing a few of the electrical fences we have. One needed the charger stabilized, and the other needed connecting. More work to do tomorrow, but at last I've got a few things going there. Building some shelves and more chores around the ranch. Should be productive with the kids out at the aunt's.

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