Monday, September 13, 2010

Baseball with my son

I meant to get this out yesterday, but I ended up staying away from the computer most of the day. That’s good, and it was a fun day.

My oldest son mentioned to me wife that he was enjoying baseball. I was surprised since he’d never been much of a sports kid, none of my kids have, and I’ve given up on taking them to games. Kyle (my oldest) had texted me a bunch over the summer, noting events in the Rockies year, like when they won, or a big home run, etc. We exchanged a few texts on it, but I figured that he was just hanging out with friends and bored with the game.

I was wrong. So when I heard that from my wife, I asked him if he’d like to go see a real game. He was up for it, so we looked around the schedule and picked Saturday night. He came back Fri from college and then Sat afternoon we headed down on the light rail.

We stopped by his room to drop off stuff, and his roommate was there watching the beginning of the game. We said good-bye and headed over. I had splurged for club level seats since it was the first game in a long time I’d taken him (maybe 9 years?) and it was pretty sold out. I could have gotten high seats in RF for $35, but I figured I’d get club in case the weather turned bad and give him a good experience.

We had a good time, cheering for the Rockies, sweating a bit as the pitcher struggled and the Rockies were down a run for a lot of the game. However once again, the Rockies pulled it out and we cheered the win before heading back to the light rail.

It was a great time for me, and I’m hoping Kyle enjoyed it and wasn’t just being polite. He seemed to, and cheered a bunch, even when it wasn’t the crowd yelling, so I’m guessing he had fun. We’ll see as I’ll look for another game to head down to. Not sure about this year, but maybe next.

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