Monday, September 27, 2010


Kendall broke a tooth Friday night, and has been in a bit of pain since. Not a lot, but it does bother her, and it swelled up a bit. Tia started her on Amoxycillan and we were looking to call this morning to have it pulled. It was a baby tooth, one that she was supposed to be working on getting out. When the dentist saw her in July, she was worried it might start to rot and break, and asked Kendall to work on it. I’d semi-forgotten until Tia said it broke Friday.

So I took her to school this morning and then started calling. Our dentist is on vacation, so I managed to get an appointment with the on-call dentist that was covering. It was slow over there, so they got us in at 10.


It’s a nice setup, and Kendall was happy to wait because of this on the ceiling:


She watched while they set her up, and the dentist started her on numbing gel and nitrous. I checked email and was amazed that they were done in less than 10 minutes from when the dentist came in. It was a quick appointment and Kendall was only slightly dazed as we left.


A smoothie later and she felt fine. A little sore now, but getting better every hour.

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