Friday, September 3, 2010

Multiply like horses

I think the saying should be “multiply like horses”, not rabbits.

We have two new horses coming today, likely for just a few months, but we’ll see. One of Tia’s boarders has a bunch of horses, and lives in Austin, and brought one up last year for Tia to train. That’s Tina, the one that broke Tia’s arm.

Since then, Tia has really worked hard, and managed to get Tina riding well. I haven’t been thrilled with Tia starting young horses and was concerned when I heard that two more might be coming.

These are just coming for some ground work, and with a good sized rent check, and likely only for a few months, so that is good for us. More money for Tia’s business, and some more experience for her.

They arrived today, driving all night from Austin, and she’s loading them into pens for now. Hopefully all goes well, and now I have an excuse to get building on some new shelters.

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