Friday, September 3, 2010

Bailed Out by the Tractor

The ATV is still sick. We called the shop today, and they hadn't fixed it yet. In fact, they weren't sure what was wrong, which had Tia quite upset. She depends on that thing for chores, and was upset since she needed to drag the arena and soften it up so she could ride the horse she's been starting for the owner. The owner is in town for the weekend, so it's a big deal to get the arena soft.

So we decided to try something else. The Arena Rascal needs some speed to dig into the ground and soften it up. It's also heavy, so we hooked it to the tractor.

I drove it around, going a little faster than I would have liked, but managed to drag things nicely. I went over most of the arena 3 times, in different directions to loosen all the dirt. More jostling than I liked, and I think I might be a little sore tomorrow, so I treated myself to a couple beers afterwards.

It was worth it. Even though no one fell off a horse, Tia said it felt better, and he frown turned upside down.

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