Friday, September 17, 2010

The Start of a Busy Weekend

It seemed like we were starting to get things under control, and have some quiet weekends here at the ranch. However all of a sudden this weekend got busy, as did the next few for me. Tonight I got invited to the Great American Beer Festival with some friends from out of town. They’re in town for business this week, I helped them get tickets for tonight, and they invited me along. So I’m hoping to knock off work soon and head down.

Tia and I have a friend turning 40 today as well and were invited to happy hour. I’m going to miss it, but she’ll go for a bit. That would be a busy weekend for us, but tomorrow we also have volleyball for Kendall in the morning, then a short birthday party before she heads to Casa Bonita in Denver for a Girl Scout event. In between I also need to get Delaney to karate and then he’s hoping to invite a friend over tomorrow night.

If that weren’t enough, Tia has a mini-clinic for horses taking place here Sunday at the ranch. I’m free, but I have kids, and I need to get some chores done, so that will be a busy day as well.

Sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day, or in this case, the weekend. I might need to take a few days off soon and get some chores done.

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