Monday, November 26, 2012


We lost our pup yesterday. I was with Delaney all day at a Scout event, and Tia had training in various places, taking Kendall with her. When she got back in the afternoon, Uma was gone and didn’t come back.

We were worried, posting messages, sending emails, and even my driving around the neighborhood with Kendall after dark. Finally around 9:00 a neighbor called to say that she’d heard from another neighbor who’d seen her. I called and was told that someone was driving around the next neighborhood asking if anyone owned a Great Dane. I got another number, and feeling like a detective, I had my third Uma phone call of the night.

This time I left a message, but Tia wasn’t content. 15 minutes later she called again and we spoke to a lady who had found Uma. Or rather her husband had, seeing Uma in his yard, calling her over, and having our dog jump into his car and refuse to leave.

They drove around looking for the owner, but couldn’t find anyone and eventually called the Sheriff. Uma got sent to a kennel for the night, but at least she was safe. After dropping off the kids this morning, I went to pick her up as the kennel opened and she was glad to get into the car with me.

Photo Nov 26, 8 51 20 AM

She’s home and safe, and has a new collar with our phone number embroidered on it coming. I also plan to hit Home Depot to day and get a talled fence for the back yard that we can use to ensure she doesn’t get away when we’re gone.

She’s happy to be home, but tired. She was subdued, shaking, and upset in the kennel. Glad to see me, but in a hurry to leave. She’s spent the morning like this, even foregoing the chance to walk around with me when I went to break the ice in the horse water.

Photo Nov 26, 12 07 26 PM

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