Friday, November 2, 2012

True, but a little deceitful

I saw this tweet come across my screen today:
That’s true. Despite the job growth in Sept (re-adjusted) and the good (unadjusted) numbers from October, unemployment is 7.9%. A decent part of the growth, despite new jobs, is more people entering the workforce.
When Obama took office, the rate was 7.8%. Not much different, but according to the BLS, that was the Jan 2009 rate.
The issue I have is that Obama took office on Jan 20, 2009, and was POTUS for only a 1/3 of the month. Arguably that rate is not his. The Feb rate was 8.3%, much higher, and while that’s on his watch, it’s growth that started in Dec 2007 (4.4%) and increased until Oct 2009 (10%). There's also a short look at Obama v Bush.
I don’t think Obama has done a great job leading the country, and I’m not sure he’s done enough to help build recovery, inspire people, or even stand up as a leader of the US. However he certainly hasn’t made this a worse country. He has steered us through a recovery that could have been better, but wasn’t horrible.
The best thing you could say about Romney is that he could have done better, but I’m not sure I’d buy that, especially when he changes his mind constantly about how to deal with issues.

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