Monday, November 12, 2012


Last Saturday I went to Seattle early to spend a day with Kyle. I landed in the early evening and took the train up to downtown to meet Kyle at The Purple CafĂ©. He likes the place, and apparently Tia loves it. I didn’t know we were supposed to sit at the bar and try cheese. Instead we got a table, chatted, and had a nice meal.

Sunday I was up early, running, and then transferred my stuff to my hotel for the conference and met Kyle near his place. He was running late, so I took a bus down to West Seattle. An interesting experience as I haven’t been in a bus in a long time.

Photo Nov 04, 2 55 14 PM

We walked around the area a bit, which is more suburban and relaxed than downtown. Kyle had been wanting to go to Bakery Nouveau, which is a world famous bakery that’s won international competition. We got coffee and snacks and sat outside eating.

Photo Nov 04, 1 24 05 PM

German chocolate cake for Kyle, and chocolate bread for me.

Photo Nov 04, 1 22 56 PM

The rest of the day was a tour on both the North and South sides of Seattle. We caught buses up to the Fremont troll

Photo Nov 04, 3 45 48 PM

And Queen Anne, the famous overlook of Seattle.


Photo Nov 04, 2 45 54 PM

Me posing, and then Kyle.

Photo Nov 04, 2 33 48 PM

A great trip, and a highlight for me. Short, but hoping that we get Kyle to come back to Denver for the holidays. It was great seeing him, he looks happy and wonderful, and seems to have really grown up since he’s moved to Seattle. A real young man coming into his own in the Pacific Northwest.

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