Saturday, November 24, 2012

Book #84 - The Partner

51ObvREN-gL._AA160_I picked this up on vacation at the “book share” shelf in the clubhouse. I wasn’t sure I’d read it before, but the first few pages of The Partner captured my attention in between sets of lifting. A sad ending, though, one I didn’t expect.

A lawyer stole $90mm from his firm after faking his own death. He’s been on the run for 4 years, but the private investigators tracking him have found him. They kidnap him in Brazil and begin to torture him to find the money. He’s got plans in place, and his lawyer, a female in Brazil as well realizes he’s been kidnapped and immediately puts her plans into play. She moves the money into banks he has no idea about and then disappears herself, heading to Europe.

Before she leaves, she calls the FBI to let them know that Patrick, the thieving lawyer, was captured. Pressure from the FBI gets Patrick extradited back to the US, but the PIs continue their search for the money with the name of the lawyer.

What follows is a wild ride. As the law firm, their client, the local authorities and the FBI begin to try and prosecute Patrick, he’s one step ahead of them the whole way. With the help of Eva, his lawyer, and an old friend to represent him, he manages to manipulate the system beautifully. It’s a great story , and a fun read. The end, however, while fitting, is sad for me.

Worth a few hours of your life. One of Grisham’s better books.

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