Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Temporary Fence

We’ve been a little worried about going skiing with Uma. She wanders a bit, and Tia has been wanting to get a fenced area in the backyard. We’ve debated what to do, and finally since time is short decided on ranch fencing and t-posts as a temporary measure.

I got up this morning, and as Tia drove out to a lesson, I headed to Home Depot and loaded up with supplies. I forgot how heavy the 330’ roll of ranch fencing is and it was a struggle for me to get it in the truck.

I got home and Kendall said she wasn’t feeling well, so I went out and started pounding t-posts after lunch. Just as I was finishing, she came out and started helping. She owes me some money, and this was part of the work she needed to do. With her help, we wrestled with the wire, unrolling it around the back yard. Actually I did most of the wrestling while Kendall used pliers to get the wire hooks around the t-posts and wire.

We finally finished a couple hours later, and the back yard is secure. We hope.

We’ll see when we go out tonight if the dogs can get out.

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