Saturday, November 24, 2012

Broncos on a roll

I watched the San Diego/Denver game today from last week. I have to say one of the surprising things is how well the defense played. I still expect the bend and stretch defense, unable to get enough pressure on the QB, unable to stop some good routes, and letting lots of runners loose. I have to say that watching the first three quarters, I was impressed and pleased to see the defense working hard and making stops, including lots of 3rd down stops.

A complete contrast with the Washington/Dallas game, which I stopped watching at halftime. Dallas was a mess, and apart from Ware, their defense is a mess.

Despite not a great game from Peyton, despite a few turnovers, they played well and kept their composure, even while winning. They didn’t stop. I was a little disappointed in the sacks, and worry about those against Tampa Bay and Baltimore, but I certainly think we have the chance to win 4, 5, or even 6 more games this season. It should be an 11-5 season at the worst.

Looking forward to seeing how they handle KC tomorrow.

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