Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Skiing

Late posting, but a few pix of last Tuesday when Kendall and I went skiing. Tia was down for the day and Delaney stayed up too late and was tired. We got ready together in the room.

Photo Nov 20, 10 40 06 AM

We rode the bus, just in case Tia needed the truck.


Photo Nov 20, 10 10 24 AM

Kendall was ready to go right away.

Photo Nov 20, 11 01 48 AM

Not a great start to the season. Warm, about 40F and sunny. No wind, which was nice, but only 3 runs open. We chatted and laughed on the lift

Photo Nov 20, 11 30 53 AM

And we stopped a few times on the slopes when people were backing up the slopes. Lots of beginners.

It’s amazing to me how big Kendall is getting. She looks just like Tia in this picture.

Photo Nov 20, 11 42 00 AM

Just a half day for us as we needed to get back. We stopped by the sleigh on the way back and got a picture of Kendall.


Photo Nov 20, 1 07 09 PM

Then someone offered to take one with me as well, and so we got one together.

Photo Nov 20, 1 07 30 PM

We went Wed with Delaney, but only ended up with another half day. Warmer (45F), more ice and a couple slips from Delaney and me. We had fun, and called it a week with the warm weather and Tia not feeling well.

Looking forward to some better skiing in a few weeks at Steamboat.

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