Friday, November 23, 2012

Book #82 - The Phoenix Conspiracy

61JSAWLmxRL._AA160_Another sci-fi book. Not sure why I grabbed it, but The Phoenix Conspiracy grabbed my attention right away. It’s the future and the captain of a ship is heading back to a port, essentially under arrest after he went rouge and had his ship destroy some civilian freighters from another race.

The book then jumps to an investigator. He found the Phoenix in his stealth ship, but something isn’t right. He asks for more of an investigation, but is denied. When the captain of the ship escapes with another large battleship, he’s assigned to the chase.

Something doesn’t feel right. The way the orders come to him, the assignment of the Phoenix’ former XO, the nagging suspicion that there’s some other motive lead Calvin, the stealth ship CO to question his orders. He’s pulled in multiple directions, and we see them all through his eyes as he tries to sort out the possibilities of the galactic situation on a chase around the galaxy.

A thrilling climax battle that he barely escapes has him on the stolen battleship at the end, leading me to purchase the next book immediately.

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