Monday, November 12, 2012

Sick Kid

Delaney woke up with an upset stomach today. After a bit of time in the bathroom thinking he might throw up. He went back to bed and was sleeping after I got back from taking Kendall to school. Hopefully he’ll be better tomorrow since he’s going to miss a couple days of school next week while we ski.

I’ve been using TimeHop the last few weeks, getting a glimpse into the past. This picture popped up today, which brings back lots of memories.


We had a fun night at volleyball last night, but we’re all beat up. Kendall skipped it, wanting to go hang out with the neighbor kids instead. Her ankle is still a little sore, so we let her stay back.

The three of us went and had a good time, getting a little practice, and some scrimmages with various people. The coach of the team that beat Kendall’s team in the tournament played and he’s something else. Quick, and great placement of the ball. The rest of us struggled to imitate what he did.

However we got beat up. Tia banger her knee and jammed a pinky. Delaney jammed a thumb, and me banged my wrist trying to save a low ball. Three ice packs were needed when we got home.

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