Monday, October 1, 2012

The Red River

Back in Austin for the 4th time in my life and 3 in three years. The last time I was here, this field

Looked a little different. It was last September for the Austin City Lights music festival where Tia and I saw Stevie Wonder. Today it was a park in Austin and I went for a run along the river.

When I crossed over on a bridge, I had a surprise, kayak polo. I ran along the side watching them play and then took a picture on the way back.

It was a busy day on the trail, lots of people out and Austin seems like it has that Colorado feel, lots of people exercising and working hard. A nice afternoon run for me.

I celebrated with a couple margaritas as Guero's Taco Bar, where Tia and I enjoyed a meal last year. Apparently it's a well known spot, as a friend told me when we met for a late lunch.

A good day in Austin. Still feeling sick, but a good night's sleep helped.

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