Sunday, October 14, 2012

Side Mirror - A Step Forward and a Step Back

I finally had time to work on the side view mirror on the Prius. I’d whacked it on the garage frame and broken it recently. My project today was replacing the passenger side mirror assembly on our 2007 Toyota Prius.

Photo Oct 14, 12 03 39 PM

Not a great photo, but I cracked the glass and chipped the frame. I looked at Toyota and they wanted like $200 for the part.  I saw it for about $35 from and thought I might be only getting part of the replacement parts, but it was the whole thing.

My first step was to slip the speaker off to get to the bolts. I popped off with a screwdriver and I disconnected it.

Photo Oct 14, 12 03 45 PM

Next I used a 10mm socket to loosen the bolts and remove the item. However the wiring was buried inside the door.

Photo Oct 14, 12 04 09 PM

A couple of screwdrivers and some muscle let me pull the forward edge of the door trim loose and I could reach inside and undo the clip.

Photo Oct 14, 12 06 05 PM

From there I reattached the door trim and screwed the mirror assembly tight. Easy to do.

Now the two half steps back. I must have bent the speaker clips slightly as the top is a little loose. We’ll see as I drive how big a deal that is. The other problem?

I went to get the trim piece on from the old mirror and something was bent by me or not working since it wouldn’t slip on correctly. When I tried to slightly bend out the top clips, which weren’t catching, they broke.


Now I need to order a new part, but since I need a new weight sensor, that’s OK. I’ll go by Toyota this week and get those moving. Hopefully they cost less than the mirror.

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