Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Book #74 - Invincible

51kn06lyRcL._AA115_I grabbed Invincible after finishing Dreadnaught, which ended in a cliffhanger. What would happen with the Alliance fleet facing a huge enemy presence far from home, arriving in front of a fortress that rivaled the size of a small moon.

This book was enjoyable, as it continues the journey of Black Jack Geary, this time taking the fleet to explore the limits of the alien territory. After proving that the fleet can match the Enigma race's capabilities, this book starts the journey home for the fleet.

It's interesting, as Jack learns that he's once again caught in the middle of various politics at home, even while out in space. He must deal with multiple alien races, and the challenges of keeping his fleet together and managing all the disparate personalities and desires. His instincts work out and lead him in the right direction, even as he questions himself in the book.

It ends with another cliffhanger, almost like a weekly series on a TV show. Not sure I like that, especially as the next book takes a different direction, looking at the Syndic side of the war.

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