Monday, October 22, 2012

Squaring things up

I had a Sunday.

Photo Oct 21, 2 43 21 PM

She was doing some measuring for me,helping get the roof rafters into the structure so they fit the spaces between the joists.

Photo Oct 21, 3 24 31 PM

This was after we’d pulled off the roofing on the west and re-aligned the tops of the poles. There was a decent gap, I think from my poles warping slightly in the weather. Once I measured the top front, we found  a significant gap.

Photo Oct 21, 3 14 17 PM

I was able to tie this back, recut the rafters, and put them back in, getting a good, fairly square top. The other side must have been slightly out of whack as we found that a few pieces of the roofing didn’t quite align, but since I’m covering everything with metal and this was close, I left it.

Photo Oct 21, 3 14 21 PM

Apparently I was pretty slow, because Kendall found time to draw while I was going up and down the ladder, moving wood around and getting things screwed together.

Photo Oct 21, 1 37 49 PM

My helpful daughter earned some money and made it easier for me to cover everything and we are looking good. Now I just need the metal to arrive.

Photo Oct 21, 4 22 48 PM

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